Sunday, November 4, 2018

Darkworm Colt rpg: the logo

That's the logo for my new game. At least for now.

Combining D&D, OSR and Old School with freeform play

OK, so you have some edition of D&D at home. Or another old school game, Traveller, Bushido, I don't know. Or any of the millions of OSR games (hint: Chris McDowall's Into the Odd/Electric Bastionland is da shiat).

But now you've taken a look at the rules, and you're not sure if you'll ever be able to play that game. How is anyone supposed to remember all those things? Page upon page upon page of rules. How?

Darkworm Colt -- an Epic Fantasy of Sword & Magic: progression report

30 Weird classes: 43 percent done
Traditional classes (fighting-man, cleric, magic-user, thief): 100 percent done
8 Subclasses of traditional classes: 100 percent done
Magic rules (including Arcane Accidents and Dooms): 100 percent done
300 Spells: 100 percent done
Divine Powers (clerical miracles): 100 percent done
World-building tables: 0 percent done

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Darkworm Colt -- an Epic Fantasy of Sword & Magic

I've been looking for a name for my new fantasy game. Didn't find it, at first, but it was right there in front of my eyes, the whole time.

Darkworm Colt -- an epic fantasy of swords & magic

This is not only the name of my blog, but also appropriately weird, hitting all the right notes. Darkworm Colt takes its inspiration from Bakshi films, Heavy Metal 1 and 2, and other 60s/70s/80s fantasy movies. It will will contain:

  • a system based on Into the Odd/Electric Bastionland, i.e., super quick and easy to handle 
  • 30 weird character classes 
  • 4 traditional old school character classes, with 
  • clerics coming in two flavors: traditional clerics and holy men/women/hermaphrodites. Clerics use clerical insignia (item-bound spells) to do magic, holy people use guru prayer beads that bestow a new temporary power upon their wearer every day. 
  • 300 spells (colluted from Chris's list and Ben Milton's knave) 
  • simple level-less magic system with magic dice a la GLOG 
  • probably tables to generate mood and appropriate descriptions

I'm pretty happy with how it's developing at the moment.

Through the week with a Holy Man: details on the Cleric in my Into the Odd fantasy hack

I'm currently working on a game that uses the Into the Odd/Electric Bastionland rules, but transplants the action into the fantasy genre. Depending on your mood, you can either pick the "weird" classes the game offers, or stay traditional and play one of the backgrounds of the original D&D game: cleric, fighting-man, magic-user or thief.

When you decide to play a cleric, you have two options:

Friday, November 2, 2018

Expedition through my rpg bookshelf: Part 1: Hush Hush

HH is a sourcebook for Unknown Armies 1st edition. An in-depth description of a clued-in cabal of mystics and the non-magickally gifted people following them. They're calling themselves "the Sleepers", and their self-ascribed job is to police the Occult Underground for abuses that might lead to exposure of real magick. Sounds cool. The concept certainly is, and that's what pulled us into buying every single sourcebook for Unknown Armies.

But. BUT. BUT. 

Into the Odd fantasy game: Traditional class 3: The Magic-user

Traditional Background: Magic-user

You can manipulate the unseen forces of nature with your magic items.

You get: staff that might have stored 1 additional spell (2 in 6 chance), robe, pointy hat, spell items
Sample Names:

You start with

1d6 spell items, and a huge debt (10 rare artifacts to pay it off)
1 spell item, and a huge debt (10 rare artifacts to pay it off)